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Grease traps play an essential role in maintaining a smooth functioning restaurant operation. No business needs back flow or flooding surprises. Minimize business disruptions with Mo-Jo Plumbing as your reliable partner in your grease trap management.

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Restaurant Grease Trap Issues

Restaurant grease traps are especially critical because of the high volume of cooking waste they produce. Fats, oils, and grease (FOG) are caught by the trap where they then solidify. This filtering system keeps the solids allowing water to flow out to the municipal sewer lines. Mo-Jo Plumbing expert technicians pump out the solids and restore efficiency to your sewage system.

If you don’t clear the trap of FOGs regularly, there’s a risk of overflowing and spillovers. Suddenly, the secondary compartment is filled, and the crossover gets clogged. Without the grease trap filtration, sewer lines would be clogged, and waste would backup into sinks and other internal plumbing fixtures.

It’s easy to check the grease levels in the tank; use a pry bar to lift the lid (be careful of the gaskets underneath). Using a yardstick or dowel, push to the bottom while twisting the stick so that the grease leaves a mark. Just like checking oil levels in your car, lift the rod out and measure the grease’s height. We always recommend cleaning out the grease trap tank if grease accounts for over one-quarter of the total tank depth.

Need A Miami/Dade Restaurant Grease Trap Pump Out Company? We are fully licensed and insured and have all the permits needed to collect, transport, and dispose of grease trap waste.

Mo-Jo Plumbing pumps and cleans restaurant grease traps in Miami, Aventura, North Miami Beach, and surrounding cities. We provide 24/7/emergency service as well as regular maintenance. Our expert grease trap technicians can solve any floor drain backup, sewer blockage, or grease trap overflow events.


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We Offer Hydro Jetting?

Mo-Jo Plumbing uses hydro-jetting to tackle a variety of common plumbing problems, by:

  • Penetrating and Emulsifying Grease
  • Removing Sludge and Debris
  • Removing Hardened Limescale
  • Flushing the System
  • Cleaning the Inside of Pipes and Drains

Deposits of grease, debris, and buildup in the interior of pipes are problematic. Hydro Jetting is a non-invasive, non-chemical plumbing solution that clears pipes by sending a blast of high-pressure water through plumbing lines. This combination of high water pressure and gravity effectively breaks and dissolves blockages allowing water to flow freely.

How does it work?
A nozzle fed into your pipe is usually self-propelled from the pressure, up to 35,000psi. The nozzle may differ depending on the application, drain size, or type of clogged material. As the nozzle encounters a clog, be it an unsolved food, thick grease, or fabric, a high-pressure jets streams exert such a powerful tear on the material, that it starts to dissolve.

Older alternatives for clearing blockages included using tools like plumbing snakes, which is not as safe as hydro jetting. These tools only temporarily release clogs. They don’t prevent future blockages and make the issue even worse by pushing the waste deeper into the plumbing lines.

Hydro jetting is not for an amateur plumber.

Hydro jetting should be done by a professional plumbing contractor like Mo-Jo Plumbing. Before choosing the Hydro Jetting blockage solution, Mo-Jo Plumbing will do a video inspection to determine the problem’s cause and location. This inspection will also determine the condition of your pipes. If the pipes are already damaged, the high water pressure of Hydro Jetting risks further damage. As knowledgeable plumbing specialists, Mo-Jo Plumbing will evaluate your needs and provide you with the right solution for your blockage problems.

Grease Trap Maintenance

You don’t need the inconvenience of emergencies that disrupt efficient restaurant management. Mo-Jo Plumbing provides professional and reliable grease trap maintenance service. As your maintenance partner, we take the pressure off your shoulders by scheduling regular preventative cleanings.

Along with a scheduled routine pump out, hydro jetting should be done to remove ordinary grease and food particle build-up in restaurants. This type of service can completely clean pipes of residual build up in ways that snaking can not.

  • Drain cleaning
  • Pump outs
  • Repairs
  • Strainer baskets
  • Solids removal
  • Inflow and outflow line cleaning

We value our customers and offer full pump out pump outs on a convenient frequency for the customer while also considering the requirements set by the utility department and city ordinances.

Fast And Affordable Restaurant Grease Trap Pump Outs

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Your call will reach us directly, and you’ll hear the difference, and then you’ll see the service difference.


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